Raise business incidents above operational noise

Conclude is the incident management solution for Slack designed to help your team resolve important issues.

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Become a more effective team

Conclude improves awareness,
shortens response time and drives your team towards conclusions.
All while reducing channel noise.

Use Conclude and enable your team to
get more things done.

Raise an Issue. Engage your team. Conclude.

Conclude improves your team’s ability to resolve incidents with 3 main steps:

Raise an issue in the appropriate Slack channel and identify the proper response team.

Raise an issue in the appropriate Slack channel and gather the response team.

Engage, team, discuss the matter in a dedicated, resolution.

Engage the team and discuss the matter in a dedicated channel created by Conclude. Drive your issue towards resolution.

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A conclusion is reached and the dedicated channel archived. All the information related to the incident is stored for later review.

Manage your incidents

Conclude improves your team’s ability to systematically manage
incidents through the dashboard and report feature. You get a realtime,
dynamic overview of ongoing and past issues. You can also manage each issue in detail and easily share discussions and resolutions with your peers.

Conclude Dashboard

Conclude Report

Become a more responsive organization

Consistent incident management with Conclude leads to more efficient teamwork in Slack.

When important matters stand out,
team members become more responsive to their peers.
Improved team responsiveness translates into more resolutions.
Resolutions turn into actions. Actions into business.
Business into success.

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